I like making lists.

Here you can find a complete overview of the lists that I published on this blog.

(For some lists I have made multiple editions. I only list the last edition of each here.)


40 Best Influence & Persuasion Books

30 Best Social Media Marketing Books

25 Best Blogging Books

15 Best Self-Publishing Books

Top 15 Systems Thinking Books

The Best Used Books in My Library

Top 100 Agile Books

Top 50 New Software Development Books

Top 100 Best Books for Managers, Leaders & Humans

Top 100 Best Software Engineering Books, Ever

Top 100 Best Social Media Books, Ever


Top 150 Management & Leadership Blogs

Top 200 Blogs for Developers

Social Media Blogs Top 200


Top 100 Most Influential Twitter Tools

The Big List of Agile Practices

Twitter Top 100 for Software Developers

100 Interview Questions for Software Developers

The Definitive List of Software Development Methodologies

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