Top 200 Blogs for Developers (Q3 2009)

This is a great day!

From today NOOP.NL can claim to be the #1 software development-related blog in Europe.

Well, that’s nice.

And some other people are also doing well on this new edition of the Top 200 Blogs for Developers. Jeff Atwood has replaced Scott Hanselman, meaning that he now has the #1 Development Blog in the world! And look at Scott Berkun, shooting up to the #3 spot. How does he do that? He’s not even a developer! Plus, we have no less than 21 new entries on the list. I’m sure there’s something for everyone here.

Like before, I created this list using Google PageRank, Technorati Authority, Alexa Rank, Google links, Twitter Grader Rank, AideRSS PostRank and the Mongolian Stock Exchange. And like before, I hope you will tweet, digg, bookmark, and comment the hell out of this article! It was, as usual, a tremendous amount of work.

I have updated a significant number of Twitter names in this list, and I’m confident that this is now the best list of software development twitterers in the world. Use it to connect with all soft dev gurus and celebrities. And don’t forget to follow me as well: @jurgenappelo. I try no to be boring. Usually.

(Note: The list does not contain blogs where the authors exclusively write about specific tools or technologies, like .NET, or Java. Every blog should have at least _some_ content that is of interest to every developer regardless of technical background.)

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TT LT Site Author Twitter
1 2 Coding Horror Jeff Atwood codinghorror
2 1 Scott Hanselman’s Computer Zen Scott Hanselman shanselman
3 12 The Berkun Blog Scott Berkun berkun
4 4 Lambda the Ultimate (various)
5 5 UIE Brain Sparks Jared Spool jmspool
6 11 Bokardo: Social Design Joshua Porter bokardo
7 7 Dr. Dobb’s CodeTalk (various)
8 15 Stack Overflow Jeff Atwood
9 10 Joel on Software Joel Spolsky spolsky
10 13 CodeBetter.Com (various) codebetter
11 9 Martin Fowler’s Bliki Martin Fowler martinfowler
12 6 Raible Designs Matt Raible mraible
13 21 Artima Weblogs (various)
14 40 Signal vs. Noise (various) 37signals
15 17 Object Mentor Blog (various)
16 8 Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life Dare Obasanjo carnage4life
17 16 Jon Udell Jon Udell judell
18 19 The Daily WTF (various) dailywtf
19 14 Rands in Repose Michael Lopp rands
20 23 NOOP.NL Jurgen Appelo jurgenappelo
21 29 A Software Insiders Point of View R “Ray” Wang rwang0
22 22 Regular Geek Rob Diana robdiana
23 18 Project Shrink Bas de Baar projectshrink
24 Atlassian Developer Blog (various) atlassian
25 The Endeavour John D. Cook JohnDCook
26 3 High Scalability Todd Hoff
27 24 Jeffrey Palermo (.com) Jeffrey Palermo jeffreypalermo
28 38 Google Testing Blog (various)
29 44 Contrast | The Blog (various)
30 56 Leading Agile Mike Cottmeyer mcottmeyer
31 36 Alex Payne Alex Payne al3x
32 31 Agile Management Blog David Anderson agilemanager
33 37 It’s Just a Bunch of Stuff That Happens Eric Burke burke_eric
34 25 Pure Danger Tech Alex Miller puredanger
35 57 Blankenthoughts Jeff Blankenburg jblankenburg
36 65 Chris Spagnuolo’s EdgeHopper Chris Spagnuolo chrisspagnuolo
37 39 Elegant Code (various) elegantcode
38 32 secretGeek Leon Bambrick secretgeek
39 Pathfinder (various)
40 84 Evolving Web Jim Benson ourfounder
41 43 CodeThinked Justin Etheredge justinetheredge
42 30 Ted Leung on the Air Ted Leung twleung
43 72 Agile Blog (various) agileblog
44 91 Alistair Cockburn Alistair Cockburn totheralistair
45 52 Managing Product Development Johanna Rothman johannarothman
46 81 Software application development Adrian Bridgwater abridgwater
47 34 (various) devlicious
48 42 Aligning Technology, Strategy, People & Projects Eric Brown ericdbrown
49 54 Business of Software Blog Neil Davidson neildavidson
50 90 Agile Software Development Made Easy Kelly Waters allaboutagile
51 26 Interoperability Happens Ted Neward tedneward
52 94 The Cutter Blog (various) cuttertweets
53 69 Testing at the Edge of Chaos Matthew Heusser mheusser
54 71 James Shore: The Art of Agile James Shore jamesshore
55 59 Agile Software Development (various) agileartem
56 58 JUnit Max Kent Beck kentbeck
57 20 J.D. Meier’s Blog J.D. Meier
58 47 / omar / Omar Shahine omarshahine
59 46 Otaku, Cedric’s Weblog Cedric cbeust
60 51 {Codesqueeze} Max Pool mpool
61 53 James Bach’s Blog James Bach jamesmarcusbach
62 49 PMThink! (various)
63 76 Meme Agora Neal Ford neal4d
64 62 Mark Needham Mark Needham markhneedham
65 28 Better Projects Craig Brown
66 41 Exploration Through Example Brian Marick marick
67 Scrum Log Jeff Sutherland jeffsutherland
68 61 Relevance Blog (various)
69 66 /\ndy Andy Hunt pragmaticandy
70 74 Mike Cohn’s Blog: Succeeding with Agile Mike Cohn mikewcohn
71 45 The Third Bit Greg Wilson
72 86 Curious Cat John Hunter curiouscat_com
73 64 Herding Cats Glen Alleman
74 77 Object Technology Jeff Sutherland jeffsutherland
75 89 Tyner Blain Scott Sehlhorst sehlhorst
76 78 Steven Harman stevenharman
77 85 The Mendicant Bug Jason Adams ealdent
78 122 J.B. Rainsberger jbrains
79 79 Implementing Scrum Mike Vizdos mvizdos
80 103 You’d think with all my video game experience… Jason Yip jchyip
81 99 Petzold Book Blog Charles Petzold
82 67 Lean Software Engineering Corey Ladas corey_ladas
83 111 Quality through Innovation Adam Goucher adamgoucher
84 55 Gray’s Matter Justice Gray justicegray
85 102 Lazycoder Scott Koon lazycoder
86 The Agile Executive Israel Gat agile_exec
87 73 Agile Advice (various)
88 96 Test Obsessed Elisabeth Hendrickson testobsessed
89 Agile Buddy Blog Jack Milunsky agilebuddy
90 33 Enterprise Architecture: From Incite comes Insight… James McGovern mcgoverntheory
91 140 Scott Bellware Scott Bellware bellware
92 48 Eric.Weblog() Eric Sink
93 50 Reforming Project Management Hal Macomber HalMacomber
94 70 Agile Testing Grig Gheorghiu
95 114 MrDave’s (David Yack) Blog! David Yack davidyack
96 92 Insights You Can Use Esther Derby estherderby
97 75 Agile Developer Venkat’s Blog Venkat Subramaniam venkat_s
98 124 Codemonkeyism Stephan Schmidt codemonkeyism
99 107 Software Project Management Pawel Brodzinski pawelbrodzinski
100 109 DevelopSense Blog Michael Bolton michaelbolton

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Management 3.0

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101 112 Dana Coffey crazeegeekchick
102 121 Good coders code, great reuse Peteris Krumins pkrumins
103 87 Coding the Architecture (various)
104 119 Effective Software Development Dave Nicolette davenicolette
105 125 Cory Foy Cory Foy cory_foy
106 60 10x Software Development Steve McConnell
107 105 Ruminations of a Programmer Debasish Ghosh debasishg
108 148 Cthulhu and Other Crazies Swizec swizec
109 108 Moserware Jeff Moser jeffmoser
110 127 Thought Clusters Krishna Kumar krishami
111 113 Wille Faler’s Buzzword Bingo Wille Faler wfaler
112 129 AvailAgility Karl Scotland kjscotland
113 104 Agile Software Process Improvement Jason Gorman jasongorman
114 101 The Working Geek Andy Lester petdance
115 123 Tester Tested! Pradeep Soundararajan testertested
116 93 Clarke Ching – More Chilli Please Clarke Ching
117 132 Information Technology Dark Side David Christiansen aldos
118 116 LeadingAnswers Mike Griffiths
119 Alek sceners
120 128 Focused Performance Frank Patrick fpatrick
121 88 Software by Rob Rob Walling
122 82 My Secret Life as a Spaghetti Coder Sammy Larbi codeodor
123 83 Bit-Player Brian Hayes
124 151 fede.carg ( blog ) Federico Cargnelutti fedecarg
125 The Secrets of Consulting Gerald M. Weinberg jerryweinberg
126 131 Notes from a Tool User Mark Levison mlevison
127 27 Hot Needle of Inquiry Ron Jeffries ronjeffries
128 Successful Software Andy Brice successfulsw
129 133 Agile Chronicles (various)
130 130 Word Aligned Thomas Guest thomasguest
131 68 averyBlog James Avery averyj
132 117 Antony Marcano’s Blog Antony Marcano
133 157 Legends of the Sun Pig Martin Sutherland sunpig
134 142 NetObjectives (various)
135 163 Thinking Tester Shrini Kulkarni shrinik
136 63 The Braidy Tester Micahel
137 100 Agility@Scale Scott W. Ambler scottwambler
138 161 LitheSpeed’s LitheBlog (various)
139 Scrum 4 You Boris Gloger borisgloger
140 118 Wide Awake Developers Michael Nygard mtnygard
141 146 Silk and Spinach Kevin Rutherford kevinrutherford
142 150 Me.Andering Willem van den Ende most_alive
143 156 Agile in Action Simon Baker energizr
144 144 8th Light Blog (various)
145 98 Edge of Chaos Michael Dubakov mdubakov
146 115 Scaling Software Agility Dean Leffingwell
147 194 Agile Development Thoughts Damon Poole damonpoole
148 178 Jimmy Nilsson’s Blog Jimmy Nilsson jimmynilsson
149 141 Peripatetic Axiom Keith Braithwaite keithb_b
150 Corporate Coder Eric Landes ericlandes
151 The Build Doctor Julian Simpson builddoctor
152 106 From the Editor of Methods & Tools Martinig
153 135 I.M. Wright’s “Hard Code” Eric Brechner
154 110 Collaborative Software Testing Jonathan Kohl
155 Code Justin Justin
156 138 David Chelimsky David Chelimsky dchelimsky
157 143 Kirk Knoernschild pragkirk
158 137 Enterprise Architecture & Other Enterprise Topics Mike Kavis madgreek65
159 192 Tyler Griffin Hicks-Wright
160 167 Jonathan Babcock Jonathan Babcock jonbab1
161 147 PierG Piergiorgio Grossi pierg
162 139 /var/log/mind Dhananjay Nene dnene
163 168 Agile Game Development Clinton Keith
164 145 Steve Rowe’s Blog Steve Rowe steve_rowe
165 170 Cauvin Roger L. Cauvin rcauvin
166 174 Sander Hoogendoorn Sander Hoogendoorn aahoogendoorn
167 162 Intergen Blog (various) teamintergen
168 136 Shaping Software J.D. Meier
169 153 Requirements Defined (various) seilevel
170 184 Simple Architectures for Complex Enterprises Roger Sessions rsessions
171 172 Chris McMahon’s Blog Chris McMahon chris_mcmahon
172 160 Agile Artisans Jared Richardson jaredrichardson
173 Agile Web Operations (various) mmarschall
174 175 Jcooney.NET Joseph Cooney josephcooney
175 164 Partnership & Possibilities Diana Larsen dianaofportland
176 Agile Anarchy Tobias Mayer tobiasgmayer
177 Paircoaching’s Weblog Yves Hanoulle yveshanoulle
178 180 James Grenning’s Blog James Grenning jwgrenning
179 158 George Dinwiddie’s Blog George Dinwiddie gdinwiddie
180 166 On Software Development, Agile, Startups, and Social Networking Isaac Sacolick nyike
181 169 Rob Bowley Rob Bowley robbowley
182 Caffeinated Coder Russell Ball caffeinatedtwit
183 195 Paul R. Brown paulrbrown
184 173 It’s Common Sense, Stupid Soon Hui Ngu
185 196 Matt O’ Rama Matt Grommes mattgrommes
186 Under the Wire (various)
187 126 Project Management 2.0 Andrew Filev andrewsthoughts
188 185 Bartosz Milewski’s Programming Cafe Bartosz Milewski BartoszMilewski
189 149 Steve Freeman Steve Freeman
190 179 Agile CMMI Blog Hillel Glazer hi11e1
191 Agile Elephant Jordan Haberfield jordanhaber
192 152 Musings of a Software Development Manager Ed Gibbs edward_gibbs
193 183 Engineering Game Development Lee Winder spreetree
194 187 Technology Architecture & Projects Robert McIlree rmcilree
195 The Hacker Chick Blog Abby Fichtner HackerChick
196 197 A Test Guy Dave Liebreich atestguy
197 Kallokain Henrik Mårtensson Kallokain
198 182 Rebecca’s Blog Rebecca Wirfs-Brock
199 177 Ytechie Jason Young ytechie
200 188 DrunkenPM Dave Prior mrsungo

TT = This Time
LT = Last Time

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Note: for some of the statistics I happily used the script that was kindly supplied by Steven Machtelinckx. This saved me a lot of time… Thanks Steven!

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  • Stefano

    Once again thank you for taking the time to put this together!

  • craig

    Awesome work. The new blogs are all great too.

  • Fred

    Glad to see some software testing blogs in this list ! They’re definitely a good source of information for developers !

  • Maarten Dekkers

    Nice! I forwarded the list in my organization. Congrats with your #1 position.

  • Debashish Brahma

    Great Post.

  • Justice~!

    The only part of this list that is trash is the fact that I went down to 85! A guy takes a 6 month sabbatical and BOOM!! I’ll get you next round, Jurgen…next round…
    In other news, awesome on being the #1 software dev blog in Europe!! Well deserved!

  • Bilal

    good reference for the naives to notice the giants to follow

  • PM Hut

    IMHO, twitter and comment count are excellent measures to know the popularity of a blog.
    Looking forward to a similar list on Project Management.

  • James Vanderbeek

    I recently started reading this blog:
    It contains a blend of .NET development and database administration articles. Two important topics when it comes to software development and design.

  • PLD – The online CRM software

    Totally stoked for you man! Congrats! Don’t worry about Jeff Atwood Jergan, you can take him!=)

  • Abhay

    OPML doesn’t work 🙁

  • jpee

    Enjoyed reading it. Well done! I just started a developer blog too, what is a good estimation in years to enter this list?

  • Ashwin Jain

    Oh my! The list seems endless. Great work my friend!

  • Jeff

    cool! no more file-surfing..

  • Ken Lin

    Definitely check out @pivotaltracker on twitter. Great content about their agile project management software.

  • Tom Mowad

    LOL @ Mongolian Stock Exchange.
    Pretty interesting list you got here, glad you could even find 200 Good Software Blogs, let alone ranking a Top 200.

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  • Kyoko Statton

    I have to go through this list, which is pretty much better and I have to add some more resources like as dzoe, Javacodegeeks, Github blog, Toptal blog, Geeksforgeeks. However I have to share a website where you get some more blog on software development or more help refer to

  • Management Square

    Great Work !!

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