Competence Development (6)

I Tried Education Days, Didn’t Work

I once introduced the concept of education days. Every employee in the company was entitled to a number of days per year (we started with...

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Managers Should Not Be Coaching Developers

Should hospital directors be coaching doctors and nurses? Should movie producers be coaching actors and animators? Should Rupert Murdoch ...

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Keynote Slide Delivery at the Last Responsible Moment

Today I addressed a 300 person audience with a keynote at Ericsson’s Agile conference in Finland. I was invited to talk about personal ...

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Agile Discussions: How to Become a Professional

Becoming a software professional begins with sharing knowledge and ideas in agile discussions with colleagues. Yesterday night I was invi...

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KISS Principle: Make It Simple vs. Do It Simple

Making things simple is not the same as doing things simple. Unfortunately, this is not a simple message to get across. Here's my per...

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Competence Development: The Cone of Incompetence

Managers are responsible for competence development in an organization. But, for some reason, this doesn't always happen. Steve McCon...

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