Five Years Ago

On October 1, 2010, I started my life as a self-employed entrepreneur. My full-color high-quality #Workout book costs ONLY EUR 15.00 excl...

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Multitasking Is Bad, Multiprojecting Is Good

Whenever someone warns you that you shouldn’t be working on different things, because it’s bad for your productivity, tell th...

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Last year, someone felt offended during one of my recent keynotes. I had started that particular session with the anecdote that Dutch peo...

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OK, I Will Help You for Free

I am happy to do things for free. Also for you! But only when I trust you, believe in you. There is no shortage of ideas. There is a shor...

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30 Hot Books for Your Backlog (September)

30 Hot Books for Your Backlog… These are my 30 personal reading tips for September!

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