Champfrogs Checklist

The Champfrogs Checklist: Curiosity

How can we influence and persuade employees to adopt new ideas and practices? By applying the Champfrogs Checklist!

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I Can’t Draw

“I cannot draw”, many people tell me. And I don’t believe them. What they probably mean is, “I cannot draw well.”

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Does Your Company Have Inspiring Stories?

I am looking for companies with inspiring stories about business transformation. I’ll share mine if you share yours.

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Work-Life Integration and Work-Play Balance

I don’t aim for work-life balance. I aim for work-play balance, based on work-life integration.

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A New Type of Presentation: SketchKeynote

I’ve designed a new style for my presentations. I’m calling it the “sketchkeynote style”.

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PowerPoint Templates Are Evil!

Don’t allow a conference organizer to give you a PowerPoint template. They are a bad practice, they destroy your situational power, and...

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