Quality Improvement (5)

PowerPoint Templates Are Evil!

Don’t allow a conference organizer to give you a PowerPoint template. They are a bad practice, they destroy your situational power, and...

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A Task Board That Really Sucks

Last week I visited VI Company, a small but amazing Internet company in Rotterdam. Managers Tim and Ivo recently attended a Management 3....

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Slack Is for Optional Stuff, Not for Important Stuff

When I plan to catch a flight I usually schedule up to 3 hours from the moment I leave my house to the moment the gate closes. I know I p...

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Flight of the Software Bugs

In this week's NewScientist magazine there's an article on software bugs in airplanes. Allow me to quote some parts of it: Softwa...

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The Quality Improvement Gardener

As CIO in our company it is my job to make sure that quality improvement is an on-going process for which everyone feels responsible. In ...

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