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I recently enjoyed a chat with Doug Kirkpatrick, one of the advocates of self-management, and I had a great meeting with Harvard Business...

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Champfrogs Checklist Status

The Champfrogs Checklist: Status

To get people talking about your ideas you can mint social currency to enable people to gain status. Now we’re finally at the end of th...

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Champfrogs Checklist: Goal

The Champfrogs Checklist: Goal

If you understand which goal people have on their minds, you can motivate them more easily. It is said that men have only one thing on th...

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The Mojito Method

The Mojito Method is about copying other people's good ideas and mixing them into something that is even more amazing. Many times I h...

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Work the Network

Behaviors spread through a social network like viruses. You must work the network to change a whole organization. An organization is a so...

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How to Change the World (After 15 Years of Failure)

I told people many times that I’ve been a failure for 15 years. In 1992 I tried to start an international newsletter about dance mu...

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Changing People’s Barriers

ADKAR is a great model to guide change management initiatives at the personal level. In an earlier post I described Change Management 3.0...

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Change Management 3.0

No matter how big the CEO’s desk is, an organization is not a hierarchy. It is a social network. People interact with each other across...

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