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Managers Are Smarter

Why Managers Are Smarter, and Management Isn’t

I got involved in an interesting email discussion about the question whether the work of managers requires smarter people. This is what s...

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Champfrogs Checklist

The Champfrogs Checklist: Power

Successful creative networkers lend out their power. They delegate authority.

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Delegation Does Not Mean Negation

I was once invited by Steve*) to speak at a conference. I accepted and reserved the dates on my calendar. But the conference was moved by...

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Delegation Poker (Free Exercise)

Update 6 May 2013: There is a new design available for the Delegation Poker cards. You can download the new Delegation Poker cards ...

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Authority & Delegation (presentation)

Agile Management – Authority & Delegation View more presentations from Jurgen Appelo.

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