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Shiftup Is Not a Framework

We should stop talking about frameworks because frameworks put limits on what is possible. Innovative organizations should not feel const...

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Frameworks Are Like Radio Stations

Agile frameworks are like old-fashioned radio stations. They offer curated playlists of good practices, but many people seem to think the...

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What Comes After Scrum? #NoFrameworks

When we apply Ken Schwaber’s principles of Scrum to Scrum itself, it stops being a process framework. Instead, it becomes a platfor...

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How to Save Your Business

When it comes to transforming their organizations, people often ask me the same silly questions.

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Methods and Frameworks

The Plague of Methods and Frameworks

I know of no industry in the world that is as infested with methods and frameworks as the software business. Whether it’s RUP, XP, ...

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