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Interview with Esko Kilpi

As part of my global book tour I hope to have fascinating conversations with management & leadership experts around the world. One o...

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What Comes After Management 3.0

What Comes After Management 3.0?

One question I get a lot is this one:

“Is your next book called Management 4.0?”

The 7,000 people who asked me this sam...

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People Decide, Models Inform

Reducing variety is often not the right approach when trying to handle the complexity of the world. I’m writing this text while I’m o...

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It Takes Complexity to Handle Complexity

A software project is a network of people, interacting together for their own purposes. We can see part of that network as the system of ...

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Complexity Thinking (presentation)

Agile Management – Complexity Thinking View more presentations from Jurgen Appelo.

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Agile Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

How to use complexity thinking to combine Agile software development with Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). This is a new presentat...

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Are We Abusing Science?

In agile software development we regularly hear references to scientific terms such as self-organization and emergence. Next week, when I...

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What (Else) Can Agile Learn from Complexity? (Presentation)

Next week on Tuesday is going to be my Big Day. I will be doing my first talk ever in the United States, and on Agile 2009 nonetheless! O...

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