What Comes After Management 3.0

What Comes After Management 3.0?

What is the Next Big Thing after managing organizations based on science?

One question I get a lot is this one:

“Is your next book called Management 4.0?”

The 7,000 people who asked me this same question in the last two years (rough estimate) usually add a smile or snigger, to indicate the intention of a friendly joke.

And I take it kindly.

Because their question is valid:
What’s Next?

Well, that depends.

Management 1.0 (or scientific management) has its roots in reductionism. Treating the organization like a machine. Improving the individual performance with carrots and sticks.

“The beatings will continue until morale improves!”

Management 2.0 (or total quality management and many others) has its roots in holism. Treating the organization like an army trying to win a war, together. Focusing on whole-system optimization, while ignoring individualism.

“There’s no I in team!”

Management 3.0 (or managed self-organization) has it’s roots in complexity. Treating the organization like a network of people. A community with an emergent purpose. Focusing on growing value, between parts and the environment. Without taking stupid shortcuts.

“To every complex problem, there’s an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.”

Management 4.0, what will that be?

Well, you tell me.

What will scientists come up with after reductionism, holism, and complexity?

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