Complexity versus Lean

This is the presentation I made for the LESS2010 conference in Helsinki. I will repeat it again at XP Days Benelux.

Hope you like it.

Update: I was very happy and surprised to hear that the organizers and audience had selected my presentation as the best of the conference. I came there with the intention to provoke the Lean crowd. And they thanked me for it. Apparently, the Lean community is very forgiving. 🙂

(picture by Bernd Schiffer)

  • Motivation Over Talent and Process
  • The Customer Value Problem: Ditch the Value Stream!
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  • Prashant Pathak

    Great presentation! I am sure you must have shared a lot of information during the actual presentation. Thanks for sharing the slides. This,more than anything else, has convinced me to buy your book :).

  • Scott F

    Slide 68: “A system will self-organize around its constraints”
    Seems like your choice of constraints can have a profound effect on the performance of the system!

  • Denis Miller

    Amazing! A lot of questions:
    * What’s about audio? 😉
    * Is It one-day presentation? To much insights for one presentation 🙂
    * Will management30 be available on safari? when?

  • Scott Dunn

    Good, comprehensive. Would have loved to have heard it. Glad to see some lean thinkers creating space for the human aspect. Didn’t hear that (at all) at Atlanta LSSC.
    Thanks, as always, for sharing.

  • Bruno

    Awesome presentation. There are a couple of topics in it that will surelly keep me thinking during this weekend.

  • John Allspaw

    Hey there –
    I very much enjoyed the slides. I had given a talk recently about Post-Mortems and Human Error ( that touched on complex systems in the context of web infrastructure.
    At the same time, I have experience with Continuous Deployment from and So it’s great to see these topics mix in your presentation. Nice work.

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