Complexity Thinking (presentation)

Here's my latest presentation (that I'm still working on). It is called Complexity Thinking. I did it for the first time this week at the Lean Kanban Central Europe conference, and I will repeat it (with an improved version) at LESS2011.

This presentation was described by some as "thought provoking", "profound", "crisp!" and "most challenging session". And I'm relieved that people seemed to like it, because the amount of research I put into this talk was (from my own perspective) truely staggering.

But, feel free to judge for yourself and let us all know if you agree or disagree. Or, invite me to come and speak at your conference. 🙂

(Jurgen Appelo is author of Management 3.0, a best-selling management book for Agile developers. It has a picture of a monster in it.)

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