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Some Day Kanban Will Fail 75% of the Time

Yesterday I had a bit of an argument on Twitter about differences between Scrum and Kanban. Personally I don't care which is better t...

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Merry Christmas!

I was in a creative mood yesterday. Merry Christmas! And I wish you much happiness and success in the New Year.

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Top 25 Hitler Rants

I once learned that, when something annoys you, you should immerse yourself into it completely. After that it won’t bother you anym...

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Social Media Experts Are Poets, Software Developers Are Novelists

While checking out hundreds of social media blogs it surprised me to see how many "social media experts" there are. The number ...

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Top Five Reasons Why Prince2 Sucks

Last week it happened again: one of our employees asked me to pay for Prince2 certification courses for our project managers. (I might ha...

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Thank You, Stupid Americans

This is a copy of my earlier post I wrote for Max Pool at I’m including it here for completeness. It turned out th...

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