I Don’t Care About “Agile”

All ideas are great, until they are confronted with reality. The concept of Management By Objectives by Peter F. Drucker was great, excep...

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Many Simple Models over One Complicated Model

I see it again and again. When they have invested time and energy in a model (tool, framework, method), people have a tendency to make th...

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Join My Next Book: Management Workout

“Trust the employees”, is what Agile consultants usually tell the managers. But how exactly can they do that next Monday morning? “...

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Quotes on Kindle

I read almost all (non-fiction) books on Kindle nowadays, and I highlight the texts that I find most interesting. If you want you can fol...

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PDCA vs. PDSA vs. OODA vs. BML vs. PSR vs. YMCA

In my little book How to Change the World I use the PDCA model to describe the fact that it is useful to have an iterative approach to ch...

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Nonviolent Communication (Stop It!)

Someone has called me a liar and a thief, and has failed to produce any explanation or evidence. Nonviolent Communication suggests that I...

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