complexity thinking (6)
Appreciative Inquiry

From Appreciative Inquiry to Complexity Thinking

I appreciate the importance of catalyzing each other’s performance in an organization, and I think it’s worth finding out what kind o...

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The Cynefin Agile Lean Mixup

I was pleasantly surprised to hear that several thinkers, practitioners, and researchers have teamed up to “further the application of ...

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Complexity versus Lean versus Agile versus Me

While the experts are battling over each others’ ideas, I remind myself that all models are useful (though some fail faster than others...

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Complexity Thinking (presentation)

Here's my latest presentation (that I'm still working on). It is called Complexity Thinking. I did it for the first time this wee...

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Top 15 Systems Thinking Books

I know. I have not been very kind to systems thinking in my recent “Complexity vs. Lean” presentation. But most systems thinkers are ...

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There Is No Objective Management

The position of the manager is subjective and context-dependent. He is either inside the system, or outside in the environment, but he is...

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