Agile Discussions: How to Become a Professional

Becoming a software professional begins with sharing knowledge and ideas in agile discussions with colleagues. Yesterday night I was invi...

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The Customer Value Problem: Ditch the Value Stream!

The value stream is a potentially harmful metaphor. I think we should replace value streams with value networks, and customer value with ...

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Complexity versus Lean

This is the presentation I made for the LESS2010 conference in Helsinki. I will repeat it again at XP Days Benelux. Hope you like it. Upd...

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Motivation Over Talent and Process

Processes are not enough to make people more competent. You need motivation first, or everything else won’t work. At the Agile Eastern ...

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Seven Reasons I Can Use Your Help

Day 1 sucked. Day 2 sucked a little less. Maybe because I was getting used to it. Day 3 was fantastic. I wish all days were like day 3. N...

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