Seven Reasons I Can Use Your Help

Day 1 sucked.

Day 2 sucked a little less. Maybe because I was getting used to it.

Day 3 was fantastic. I wish all days were like day 3.

Now it’s day 4, and I might get used to things being fantastic.

After quitting my job and going independent, I am trying to start a new professional career of speaking, training, writing, and nagging. I created a new site to support my services, and to give myself something to nag about.

There are seven reasons things are going forward

  1. My book Management 3.0 is now available on Amazon for pre-order;
  2. Two Famous People have committed to writing a foreword;
  3. There’s already plenty of praise from early reviewers;
  4. The release date is still December 30 (Amazon’s date is wrong);
  5. I scored several new speaking engagements;
  6. Training partners in Norway and Sweden are scheduling courses;
  7. And at least four other partners in various countries are lining up.

Still, there are seven reasons I can use your help

  1. Unlike computer problems, speaking gigs don’t jump on me while I’m having breakfast;
  2. Same with agile management training. I think there’s a market. But I will have to find it;
  3. I don’t know many people in software businesses, and I can use some more contacts;
  4. Book promotion takes time and effort. I tried cloning myself, but it didn’t work;
  5. Writing a book review of my own work would be weird. I think it’s better when others did that;
  6. Publishing my guest posts on my own blog is even sillier; It would be better to post them elsewhere;
  7. I cannot give myself a hug, and tell myself not to be anxious about the future.

If you think you can give this new entrepreneur a small push in the back, and make me go forward, I would really appreciate it. I can pay you back with thank-you notes, autographs, some publicity, and a warm smile with my shiny new teeth.

Now, I want to finish this post with a big thanks to everyone who has expressed their support via email, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I dared to make this leap because you told me I should do it. And so I did.

But enough psychological harassment and self-aggrandizement. Back to nagging about software…

Why-oh-why does the cursor up key in my Windows Live Writer not work, while the cursor down key does? Is this some plot to make me go forward?

(image by Ed Sweeney)

  • So Long, and Thanks For All the Fuss
  • Motivation Over Talent and Process
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