The Success of the Agile Memeplex

I was writing this text right after Christmas, one of the most successful examples of mass delusion of all time. It is a time of the year...

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Abolish All Rules! (Be Scared and Safe)

It struck me several times that the flow of traffic at the Hofplein in Rotterdam, one of the busiest roundabouts in my city, is better wh...

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Discipline * Skill = Craftsmanship

I’m sure you recognize this problem. You are in a hurry, and you skip the routine of checking whether you have all your belongings with...

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In Defense of Scrum (Please Stop Pissing on It)

Last week Uncle Bob Martin wrote about seven “serious flaws” in Scrum. I usually agree with Bob, but not this time. Actually, I might...

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Scientific Case for Bottom-Up Rulemaking

In his book Hidden Order: How Adaptation Builds Complexity computer scientist and psychologist John Holland describes a generic pattern f...

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Make A “Social Contract” With Your Team

I have told you how to define goals, rules and boundaries for the people in your organization, and hopefully your team is on a great and ...

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