Don't Make Goals, Make Options

Don’t Make Goals… Make Room and Make Options

Don’t bother making goals. Just get rid of waste and create options. And let the good things happen.

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How to Be a Happy Startup?

How to Be a Happy Startup? – 15 Minutes on Air with Laurence McCahill

An interview with Laurence McCahill about happy startups. Passion, purpose, people, profits… Which comes first? What is a typical m...

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Best Books 2013

The 20 Best Books I Read in 2013

These are the 20 best books I read in 2013, ranked by number of highlights on Amazon Kindle.

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Where I Was in 2013

25 Countries, 40 Cities, 200 Days

I feel I’m blessed. This year I traveled to 25 countries, had events in 40 cities, and spent almost 200 nights away from home. (See the...

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Selling Small Dreams

Selling Small Dreams

Sell your customer a small dream. Use it to build trust. Next time they might find reality less scary. It happens regularly that I get ...

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Just Enough Estimates


Big estimates and commitments are not safe-to-fail, but having no estimates or commitments is unworkable. When I made my breakfast this m...

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What Is Remote Working?

What Is Remote Working – 15 Minutes on Air

Lisette Sutherland is an expert on remote working. I asked her these questions: What is remote working? How do we know if remote workers ...

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New Management 3.0 Workout Article: Project Credits

Many workers have experienced problems with traditional job titles and career ladders. But names are necessary for communication, and a s...

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When Something Is Painful, Start Doing It Daily

When Something Is Painful, Do It Daily

When something hurts, do it every day. The pain will turn into joy. There’s a well-known argument in favor of continuous delivery in th...

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I'm Not a Remote Worker

I’m Not a Remote Worker

I don’t work remotely because I’m not away from anything where I’m supposed to be. My flight to Hamburg was canceled two times, and...

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Promote Yourself!

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of self-promotion. How else are people going to know you might be able to generate value for them?...

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Optimize Potential, Not Progress

Optimize Your Potential, Not Your Progress

If personal development never happens as planned, why bother? There are many things wrong with performance appraisals, but one aspect th...

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