New Management 3.0 Workout Article: Project Credits

Many workers have experienced problems with traditional job titles and career ladders. But names are necessary for communication, and a sense of progress makes people happy. By publishing lists of persons, job titles, and project roles, people learn to focus on actual contribution and earned reputation, instead of official titles and office politics.



Trust the employees”, is what consultants usually tell the managers. But how exactly can they do that next Monday morning?

Be a servant leader”, is the advice that is given to management. But what items should they serve to the people on Friday afternoon?

Stand back from the team”, is what we sometimes hear people say. But how far should the managers stand back, precisely? 10 meters? 20 meters?

Most management advice is not concrete.

Management Workout

Management Workout will be a book with actionable management advice. Practical things that people can do next Monday morning, in order to grow an organization that is fit and healthy. And not only managers, but everyone who is concerned about the management of an organization. Because, management is too important to be left to the managers. The whole organization should participate in the workout.

That’s why the working title is Management Workout.

Concrete actionable advice is usually most appreciated by creative workers. People report they want to experiment with ideas, such as authority boards, moving motivators, visual goal setting, impediment doors, team values, bonus systems, and much more.

With this book I want to give you exactly that: much more.

Get Involved!

The book will (hopefully) be ready in Q2 of 2014. In the meantime I hope to get some people involved. People who want to experiment with the exercises, who want to give feedback, and tell me how the ideas worked out for them (or how they didn’t). I’m hoping for people to send me cool photos and inspiring stories, amazing ideas and crazy thoughts.

I hope one of those people is you.

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