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Register Now for the Management 3.0 Workout Book Tour Workshop!


The first registrations for the upcoming Management 3.0 Workout Book Tour are pouring in.


Yes, I will celebrate the upcoming release of my new book by visiting cities all over the world with a brand new one-day workshop. It’s all new materials, and you can see it as a follow-up to the regular 2-day course.


The book tour starts end of May and will probably continue until the end of the year. And then it’s over. Which means: no second chances for anyone!


Right now registrations are open for Finland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Sweden and Germany. More countries (and continents) will be added to the schedule on a month-by-month basis, guided by the backlog, which is based on the number of mailing list subscribers.


The workshops will be self-organized to a large extent. Which means anyone can offer to help us find a venue, do some local marketing, and resell the workshop. We reserve part of the fee structure for local co-organizers and resellers.

Register now!

Don’t wait too long. Seriously! Already a dozen people signed up within one day of opening the registration form.

And we will visit each city only once

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