NEW! First 2 Pages of Management 3.0 Book

I hereby give you the first two pages of my book. The rest will have to wait until the end of the year…

My publisher just sent me the first chapters of my Management 3.0 book in its final layout. This means we now enter the final phase of production. I’m busy checking and double-checking text formatting, table captions, figure alignment, and fixing new errors that somehow emerged after the last time I checked. (Where do they come from?)

My project editor tells me the book is still under schedule, which means we’re still shooting for an end-of-year release. (Amazon now lists January 9 as the release date.) Most of you who have pre-ordered the book will probably receive your copies somewhere in January. Nothing new there.

However, there is something new I can tell you… Mark your calendars! The “official” book launch will take place on February 4, at Selexyz Donner, the biggest book store in The Netherlands. The details of this event will be published later, and everyone I know will be receiving an invite in December. I will soon start preparing an emotional speech.

Some of you told me that waiting for the book is so hard. Some even asked me for “preview” versions. And some told me they tried to find the book on the black market, but couldn’t find it. To all of you I say, thank you so much for amusing me. It is much appreciated. 🙂

However, I understand your pain. (I share it too.) And so I decided to give you the first two pages of my book. I suggest you read them very slowly. It’s all I can give you until January…

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