Book Celebration (and Invitation)!

Invitation to the Book Celebration of Management 3.0 #Workout

December 22 from 19.30 – VI/company, Stationsplein 45 (unit A4.194) Rotterdam

Dear readers,

By now all the different editions of my new book Management 3.0 #Workout are finished and published. The book, easily the most colorful and practical management book in the world, is available as PDF, ePub, Kindle and in a printed edition. And, although writing a book is great fun, finishing a book feels even better! Especially since it’s worth a little celebration. If you’ve read any of my work, you know I love to celebrate. :o)

Management 3.0 #Workout is a very practical book. It’s about what you can do to change your organization, starting tomorrow. It’s also filled with real-life stories. One of those is about VI/company, based in my hometown Rotterdam. That’s why I asked them if I could organize my official book party at their great office in the monumental Groot Handelsgebouw (literally translated: Big Trade Building), next door to the amazing new train station of Rotterdam. Luckily, they said yes!

The book party will be on December 22nd from 19.30 to approximately 21.30 and I would very much like you to be there. Obviously, there will be great coffee and delicious cake!

Adress: VI/company, Stationsplein 45 (unit A4.194) Rotterdam.


  • 19.30 arrival of guests
  • 20.00 welcome
  • 20.10 speech by Jurgen Appelo
  • 20.55 launch printed edition
  • 21.00 signing session & drinks

I hope to celebrate with you the end of my world tour, and the publication of all editions of my new book. Please send an email to [email protected] if you intend to join me.



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  • Visualizing My Objectives
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