How Do You Do It? (A Job Like a Tailored Suit)

I regularly get the question, “How Do You Do It?”

“How are you able to travel so much and not get sick of it?”

“How can you read 50+ books per year and also write your own?”

Gosh, I don’t know.

Sometimes, it seems that other people attribute special superpowers to me. Obviously, I don’t have any. However, I’ve been on this planet long enough, experimenting with all kinds of work, to understand what motivates me and what doesn’t. I know what I’m good at, and I know what I must delegate. And after 20+ years, I found (or created) a job that fits me like a tailored suit.

I don’t wear suits myself, but I know from others that slipping into a suit is easy when it’s custom-made for you. With jobs, it is the same.

I’m not a very sociable person; I prefer unlimited personal freedom.

I’m rarely consume games, TV, or movies; I favor being creative myself.

I don’t like parties in big groups; I like to be on my own and read a book.

You might wonder, “How can he travel by himself all over the world, and do all that reading and writing at the same time?” But for me, it’s the most natural thing to do. Instead of thinking that you couldn’t possibly do my job–nobody is asking you–why don’t you figure out which kind of work fits you like a tailored suit?

image: (c) 2012 Robert Sheie, Creative Commons 2.0

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