Work-Life Fusion

Work-Life Fusion, not Work-Life Balance

I practice work-life fusion, not work-life balance.

Sometimes people ask me, “What do you mean with work-life fusion? How is that different from work-life balance?”


Work-life balance means using Twitter for your work-life and Facebook for your private life. Instead, I have friends, family, and business contacts everywhere! My 13th happy anniverselfie on Facebook was liked by 86 people, half of them were friends and family, and the other half were business contacts. I call that work-life fusion.

Work-life balance means a foreign trip can be a business trip or a vacation, but not both. (Just ask the tax man.) However, this August I will travel to the USA with my spouse and our two weeks in New York, Chicago and San Francisco will be full of workshops and sightseeing, working and shopping. That’s work-life fusion to me.

Work-life balance means tracking the time spent working and balancing it with time spent relaxing. Instead, I’m in a coffee bar, writing this blog post just for fun, not knowing if there will ever be a return on investment. And I had to walk 30 minutes just to enjoy the coffee. No time tracker is involved, because I practice work-life fusion.

What does your work-life look like? Do you have balance or fusion?

(image: (c) 2011 DonkeyHotey)

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