Don’t Change Too Much!

When everything you do is an experiment, there is nothing that looks familiar to others.

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Individuals and Interactions Thanks to Processes and Tools

Humans are toolmakers. Tools are, among some other things, what sets us apart from other animals.

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Consultants, Certificates and Conferences: Let’s Try Something Else

Few people are incentivized to speed up change, continuous learning is rarely validated, and the feedback cycles between authors and user...

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Fake Agile

Many attempts at achieving business agility are misguided and fake. But I consider the glass half full, not half empty. Fake Agile is a s...

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“I Want It Now!” (No, You Can’t)

It’s not possible to start at the end. Every successful large project begins with a successful small project. What we want is real ...

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Frameworks Are the Past; Platforms Are the Future

Frameworks don’t work. No pile of boxes, circles, and lines on a PowerPoint slide has ever triggered a change in me. If you really want...

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