#Workout – Premium Print Edition

The new Management 3.0 #Workout book is already available in PDF, Kindle and ePUB versions. And in just a few weeks, readers will be able...

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What’s Your Management 3.0 Story?

Some readers told me they have used Moving Motivators during job interviews.

Some readers told me they used Delegation Boards on m...

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How to Be a 10x Better Speaker with 20 Benefits

Last week, one conference attendee told me my presentation at Agile Tour Toulouse was perfect.

It was very kind, but I didn’t be...

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Mix Mashup

<promotion> The MIX Mashup is a gathering of the vanguard of management innovators—pioneering leaders, courageous hackers, and ag...

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Practices, Not Platitudes

I recently took part in a conversation about compensation of employees. Some readers offered criticism on the Merit Money practice, descr...

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Ten Thousand Baby Steps

Last week, I added the last songs to my two big Spotify playlists: Euro Dance Heaven (2,520 songs) and Euro Disco Heaven (1,695 songs). I...

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