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Time Grids

Yet Another New Practice: Time Grids

I work too much and I achieve too little. That was the result of a personal reflection session I did this summer while on vacation in Tus...

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The Failure Shirt: Agile Diplomats at the EU

“We made a mistake. They are going to hate me tomorrow,” he said. Imagine a room with 28 EU diplomats, twice that many specia...

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Top 200 Management & Leadership Authors (Maybe Not Experts)

Several weeks ago, I wanted to know who are the most interesting management & leadership writers (worldwide, in the English language...

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Interview with Esko Kilpi

As part of my global book tour I hope to have fascinating conversations with management & leadership experts around the world. One o...

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Managers Are Smarter

Why Managers Are Smarter, and Management Isn’t

I got involved in an interesting email discussion about the question whether the work of managers requires smarter people. This is what s...

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Champfrogs Checklist

The Champfrogs Checklist: Relatedness

Use the principle of social proof to get people to adopt ideas, by tapping into their desire for relatedness.

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Lean Change Management (15 Minutes on Air)

Jason Little’s book Lean Change Management is the first to be published by Happy Melly Express.

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8 Reasons NOT to do an Agile Management Course

You are already running a perfect business. Why should you need an Agile Management course? So, you do software development “the Agile ...

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What Is Agile Management?

I had to (re)organize some materials this week about my views on Agile Management, because some companies are inviting me to do talks abo...

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Agile Management Course – 2nd Iteration DONE

The Agile Management Course I am developing is steadily taking form, and its exercises are shaping up nicely. Last week I organized a one...

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Manage Yourself with Measures

In 2007 I read 31 novels. In 2008 I read 19 novels. In 2009 I read 12 novels. In 2010 I read 8 novels. Do you know how I know? It’s bec...

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There Is No Objective Management

The position of the manager is subjective and context-dependent. He is either inside the system, or outside in the environment, but he is...

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