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Time Grids

Yet Another New Practice: Time Grids

I work too much and I achieve too little. That was the result of a personal reflection session I did this summer while on vacation in Tus...

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No Gift or Card for You, Just My Thanks

I decided not to spend my time buying presents or sending cards this year. Instead, on behalf of my dear colleagues, customers, friends, ...

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Five Years Ago

On October 1, 2010, I started my life as a self-employed entrepreneur. My full-color high-quality #Workout book costs ONLY EUR 15.00 excl...

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OK, I Will Help You for Free

I am happy to do things for free. Also for you! But only when I trust you, believe in you. There is no shortage of ideas. There is a shor...

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Me 3.0

Introducing: Me 3.0

Some people noticed that my avatar pictures on the social networks were deviating from the real-life version at a slow but steady pace. Read more

Will You Offer This for Free?

I have done many things for free.

All chapters of my new #Workout book have been available for free since I started writing them, ...

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DON’T PANIC! (For Everyone Who Fears Failure)

It happened just after I told my friend Lisette never to panic. When something goes wrong during your presentation, your workshop, your t...

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Ten Thousand Baby Steps

Last week, I added the last songs to my two big Spotify playlists: Euro Dance Heaven (2,520 songs) and Euro Disco Heaven (1,695 songs). I...

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A Typical Conversation on Twitter

writer: “I believe that A is true.”

reader: That’s stupid. Everyone knows that A’ is true.”

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About Happy Melly

Again and again researchers confirm that most people don’t like their jobs. About two-thirds of employees in the world are unhappy abou...

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Every Day

Every Day…

Every morning I spend 30 minutes to catch up on blogs and news feeds.
Every morning I check my tasks for the day and the remaining ...

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Unlimited Vacation

The Unlimited Vacation Policy

Some companies have stopped defining how many days in the year employees can go on a vacation.

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