Every Day

Every Day…

This is what I do every day.

Every morning I spend 30 minutes catching up on blogs and news feeds.

Every morning I check my tasks for the day and the remaining ones for the week, and re-prioritize them where needed.

Every day I make a bit of time to check people’s status updates on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Every day, at once per day, I handle my emails and try to get back to inbox zero.

Every day I try to write or do anything else that brings my new book closer to being finished.

Every day I try to do at least something for somebody else.

Every afternoon I go for a walk in the city, or in a park, for about 45 to 60 minutes.

Every day I attempt to reserve 15 minutes of doing nothing.

Every day I attempt to come up with a new oneliner or other concise smart-ass remark.

Every day I check what’s on my agenda for tomorrow.

Every evening I tag the people I’ve been in contact with in Google Contacts.

And every day I try to write a blog post.

What is on your list every day?

  • The Unlimited Vacation Policy
  • People Stop Reading at the Word ___
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