Software Development Book List

I'm trying to read the most importants books on the subject of software development (and particulary the managing part of it). Research on Amazon has resulted in this short-list of 16 works by (in most cases) well-known authors in our field. Let me know if you, as a world-famous author of a major best-seller, appear to be missing from this list. I will order your book straight away! (Of course, you may also send me a free copy…)

Jim Highsmith Agile Project Management
Tom Demarco Peopleware : Productive Projects
and Teams
James O. Coplien Organizational Patterns of Agile
Software Development
Craig Larman Agile and Iterative Development
David J. Anderson Agile Management for Software
Steve McConnell Professional Software
Edward Yourdon Death March, second edition
Frederick P. Brooks The Mythical Man-Month
Anniversary Edition
Robert L. Glass Facts and Fallacies of
Software Engineering
Alistair Cockburn Agile Software Development
(2nd Edition)
Mary Poppendieck Implementing Lean Software
Sanjiv Augustine Managing Agile Projects
Jim Highsmith Agile Software Development
Robert K. Wysocki Effective Project Management
Joel Spolsky Joel on Software
Andrew Hunt The Pragmatic Programmer

I bought myself a brand new cafetiera today, which will soon become indispensible for me. So give me just another few months and I will have read all of them!

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