Taxi to Funkhaus

Stop trying to put all knowledge in your head. Your brain is a terrible storage medium for information. Put it where it belongs: in the s...

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I Never Suffer from Jet Lag

People are wired differently, and I am fortunate to have a body that quickly adapts to time zones. However, I use a simple method to ease...

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Frameworks Are Like Radio Stations

Agile frameworks are like old-fashioned radio stations. They offer curated playlists of good practices, but many people seem to think the...

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What Comes After Scrum? #NoFrameworks

When we apply Ken Schwaber’s principles of Scrum to Scrum itself, it stops being a process framework. Instead, it becomes a platfor...

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We Are Totally Embarrassing Ourselves

Come check out the future of agile practices with guides from Gamestorming, Core Protocols, Management 3.0, and more.

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I Am Writing the Perfect Book. One Book for Each Reader.

The authors of the future will write books for exactly one reader.

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