I Am Writing the Perfect Book. One Book for Each Reader.

My next book is the perfect book for you.


Well, it won’t be a book in the traditional sense.

Thirty years ago, people wrote books about Programming. Nowadays, people write books on Programming RESTful Web Services with Python in 21 Days, for Beginners. It appears that books and audiences are getting more and more specialized.

Apart from books, people now also learn things through blogs, online videos, podcasts, e-learning, and many other channels. Unlike thirty years ago, there are now many alternatives that make learning easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

In other words, there are more and more books, for fewer and fewer readers.

We can take this to its logical extreme:

The authors of the future will write books for exactly one reader.

This sounds absurd. But I’m already doing it.

As always, I write about actionable games, tools, and exercises for people who work with teams. For example, I recently explained How to Synchronize Work on a Remote Team with a Daily Cafe. I described How to Grow a Team Culture with a Culture Code. And I wrote How to Convince Your Manager to Try a New Idea.

I offer my new book-in-progress via my team’s Mind Settlers app. With this app, you can not only read these new practices. You can actually do them together. And I will be watching because I get direct feedback when you try out my suggestions. By following (or not following) my suggestions, you tell me how my writing works (or sucks).

Your feedback reveals exactly how I need to improve my ideas or my writing. This was never possible with traditional publications. Books and blogs only tell me what people read, not what they really do with my ideas. With such feedback, I can improve and update the practices until they work for you.

There are many more practices in the app (also from other authors). Players can collect their favorites, so they are available when they need them. And maybe, someday, my team will create a Print button. You will get a personal book with only the tried-and-tested, up-to-date practices that you really use! You can lend the book to your friends and share it with your colleagues.

And I will have written a highly specialized book for exactly one reader.

The perfect book for you. Maybe it will include these topics:

  • Daily Planning – Get Ready for the Current Day
  • Brainstorm a New Product Name
  • Strategize with a Lean Canvas Iteration
  • Daily Update to a Remote Team
  • Offer a Proposal to Your Manager
  • Prepare a Job Vacancy
  • and much more…

The writing has started here – SIGN UP NOW!

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