My Management 3.0 World Tour

I am trying to plan a world tour covering USA, Canada, Australia, China, India and South America. The last couple of months I’ve been g...

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The 3 Criteria for Agile Leadership Practices

What does it mean for a leadership practice to be Agile? FedEx days? Yes. Open Door policy? No. Moving Motivators? Yes. Time clocks? No! ...

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Complexity Thinking (presentation)

Here's my latest presentation (that I'm still working on). It is called Complexity Thinking. I did it for the first time this wee...

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Change the Environment, Not the People

People's behaviors depend on the environment. If you manipulate the environment, you manipulate behaviors. Agile is all about self-or...

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Work the Network

Behaviors spread through a social network like viruses. You must work the network to change a whole organization. An organization is a so...

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My Time Registration Experiment

I learned that personal time registration didn't add much value to what I already do every day. Two weeks ago I told you I was going ...

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