Best Books (9)

Best Creativity Books

After my lists of mindfulness books and happiness books, here you can find the 20 Best Creativity Books in the World.

This list is...

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Best Happiness Books #InternationalDayOfHappiness

Today is International Day of Happiness. What a great day to search and find all the best book on the topic of happiness!

This lis...

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Publish Book

Publish Book. Done. Next.

One of the best thing about finishing a book is finishing the research. No more skimming through dozens of books–and thousands of p...

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45 New Books (by Top Authors) for Your Management Book Shelf

You may have seen that I supplied the data for’s Top 50 Management & Leadership Experts. People seem to like it very m...

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20 Agile Book Tips

These are the 20 books that might earn themselves a place on the big Top 100 Agile Books next year.

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40 Best Influence & Persuasion Books

These are the 40 best books about influence marketing, persuasion, and spreading ideas. Maybe I can convince you to spread this list? �...

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30 Best Social Media Marketing Books

These are the 30 best books about social media marketing, based on reviews, ratings, and age. Warning! In this list you will not find boo...

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25 Best Blogging Books

These are the 25 best books about blogging, based on reviews, ratings, and age. The idea of this list not that you start reading at...

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15 Best Self-Publishing Books

Ever wondered what books to read on the topic of self-publishing? Wonder no longer. Here's your answer!  I like reading books. ...

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