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My Big List of Agility, Innovation, and Leadership Topics

It’s early September. A new “work season” is starting for many people, including yours truly. One promise I made to mys...

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Don’t Pull My Finger

As a public speaker, I get the weirdest requests. Sometimes, event organizers want me to provide some “seed questions” that a...

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Last year, someone felt offended during one of my recent keynotes. I had started that particular session with the anecdote that Dutch peo...

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How to Be a 10x Better Speaker with 20 Benefits

Last week, one conference attendee told me my presentation at Agile Tour Toulouse was perfect.

It was very kind, but I didn’t be...

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Why Write a Book? (15 Minutes on Air)

In this (experimental) hangout I discuss with Ángel Medinilla what he learned from writing his book Agile Management.

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