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Time for a Speaking Break, and a Writing Streak

When I travel a lot, I dream of being back home for a while so that I can “get things done”. My God, the traveling is a giant...

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How Do You Do It? (A Job Like a Tailored Suit)

I regularly get the question, “How Do You Do It?”

“How are you able to travel so much and not get sick of it?...

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Business Models for Book Authors

13 Business Models for Book Authors

It’s such a great time to write books!

The publishing world is transforming rapidly and smart authors–with a sense of ...

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Checklist for Book Writers

Yesterday, in my hangout with Jason Little, I discussed the benefits of having a checklist for book chapters. I already published a blog ...

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Why Write a Book? (15 Minutes on Air)

In this (experimental) hangout I discuss with Ángel Medinilla what he learned from writing his book Agile Management.

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