Time for a Speaking Break, and a Writing Streak

When I travel a lot, I dream of being back home for a while so that I can “get things done”. My God, the traveling is a giant productivity killer!

However, when I am home for a couple of months, I yearn for new events, conferences, and gatherings. Because, even for an introvert like me, working alone can feel so… alone.

Sometimes, it seems as if I can never be a truly happy worker.

When I speak a lot, I yearn for more writing. When I write a lot, I crave for more speaking. I want my productive hours to be balanced with promotional work. And I need my creativity to be balanced with marketing. It’s as if I cannot make up my mind about what I like doing most!

In fact, I learned that it’s the variety of my work that makes me a happy person. No single type of job can keep me engaged for too long.  Switching back and forth between “jobs” is the optimal approach for me. I am happiest when I know that each of my projects is timeboxed. I always want to know where is the end.

For this reason, I have decided to decline most speaking invitations for the 2nd half of 2015. I will produce new Management 3.0 content for a while. New slides, new games, new chapters… And this requires a focus on creativity, productivity, and the vicinity of a lot of coffee bars in Brussels and Rotterdam. It’s time for a speaking break, and a writing streak.

Your invites are welcome for events in the first half of 2016. Don’t wait too long! With all the travels I am already postponing now, my schedule for 2016 might soon look quite busy.

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