Personal Brand

Personal Branding

I call myself a Creative Networker. It is the most accurate and succinct description I could think of that wraps all the projects I am in...

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Management 3.0 Workout

No Discount for Charity

This week I was asked if I offer a discount for charity organizations for my new one-day workshops.

I said, “No”.

I don...

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Career Ladders

The Problem with Career Ladders

I once had a small disagreement with the HR manager of an organization where I worked. She showed me the suggested career paths that soft...

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United States

USA and Poland, Where Do I Go?

I have selected the USA and Poland as the next countries from the backlog for my global book tour. This means I am now waiting for your i...

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How to Pick a Book Title

How to Pick a Book Title (in 7 Steps)

My third book is almost Done.

The working title for my new book was always Management Workout. I like it, because the metaphor of ...

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Problems with Job Titles

The Problem with Job Titles

The European Commission has, at the time I’m writing this, a “team” of 28 Commissioners. One of them has the title of President, an...

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Working Software from Spotify over Comprehensive Documentation about Spotify

I have the habit of going for a walk every day, for about an hour, developing new ideas while listening to tacky music. To accompany me o...

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Work-Life Integration

Work-Life Integration Is Not a Goal

Recently someone told me that “work-life integration” is not desirable for most people because, as he repeated to me, nobody has ever...

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About Happy Melly

Again and again researchers confirm that most people don’t like their jobs. About two-thirds of employees in the world are unhappy abou...

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How to Market a Self-Published Book

How to Market a Self-Published Book

Now that I’ve almost finished writing my third book I want to learn everything there is to know about publishing and marketing books. A...

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How to Say No

How to Say No (and Sometimes Yes)

There are many things I do badly, or not at all. Exercise is one of them. And cooking. And dealing with badly formulated criticism. But t...

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Use Another Tool

“You Should Use Another Tool”

When I utter a minor annoyance about Excel on Twitter, half a dozen people tell me I “should” use some spreadsheet software i...

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