About Happy Melly

Again and again researchers confirm that most people don’t like their jobs. About two-thirds of employees in the world are unhappy about their work, and they feel unengaged about their organizations.

Can we change this?

Can we do better?

  • Can we have a business where people choose their own work?
  • Can we do great work guided with an inspiring purpose and shared values?
  • Can we have a company without a stifling management hierarchy?

That’s what Happy Melly is all about. It’s a new kind of business, based on self-organization and a Constitution.

We help people be happy in their jobs.

And you can join us!

Happy Melly is a network of businesses organized around a purpose. You can compare us to a co-operative, a franchise, and an incubator. Happy Melly consists of independent small companies who all operate under shared brand names. By working together we act as one global business that is continuously running experiments everywhere. At the same time we enjoy the freedom and agility that comes from being small.

Our network has brands such as Management 3.0, Dare, WIKISPEED, Happy Melly Express, Kudobox, and more.

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Does your organization help people be happier in their jobs?
Is your company making money while making a difference?
Are you interested in scaling your business worldwide?

Join us.

Happy Melly is the voice of every worker, manager, colleague, man and woman, who wakes up in the morning and says, “Today is a great day to work!”

Read more on the Happy Melly Wiki.

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