Share Your Happy Stories

Do you have an interesting story to share about the pursuit of happiness among workers?

On the new Happy Melly blog we have started publishing stories of happier workers. The next story could be yours!

Did you introduce a practice in your organization which helped your colleagues to enjoy their jobs better?

Did your manager do something for you which helped you be happier in your job?

Did one of your co-workers somehow contribute to the happiness of everyone in the company?

Let us know!

You don’t have to write the story yourself. My good friend Vasco is collecting and prioritizing the suggestions. My dear cousin Erik is a writer and he can spin your idea into a nice story. One of them can contact you by email or Skype to ask you for some details.

We started with a story about a Happiness Wall in Rotterdam, a new Sprint Planning III practice in Berlin, and opera performers as an inspiring metaphor.

The next story could be yours.

If you have something nice to share, just send me a quick note, and we will do the rest. When the story is published, you can forward it to the whole world.

Help us share it, and inspire others!


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