The Happy Melly Team

Friday was an important day for me. After months of preparations, announcements, and discussions Happy Melly finally took a small but significant step forward with the meeting of the five team members who will be leading the Happy Melly business. (There is probably a 6th team member joining soon, but he couldn’t attend this time.)

The current team members are (left-to-right) Lisette Sutherland (from USA/Netherlands), yours truly (Netherlands/rest of world), Maarten Volders (from Belgium), Sergey Kotlov (from Russia), and (bottom-row-all-by-himself) Vasco Duarte (Portugal/Finland/Germany).

At nine in the morning we started with a backlog of things-to-discuss-and-decide on stickies, about publishing, events, freelancers, marketing, social networks, fees, licensing, and much more. And to my big surprise, we had completed it all by five in the afternoon.


Happy-melly-team-1We also used the day to ask each other personal questions, such as “What part of your culture do you recognize in yourself?”, “What is your favorite movie and what does that say about you?”, “How do you exercise physically?”, “What is it you don’t understand about other people?” and “What happened in your past that made you join this team?”

Of course, this is all just the start. There will be a lot of things to do this year, most of which we intend to delegate to others, because it turned out all of us preferred drinking coffee over doing real work. The real work would include the making of apps, websites, services, the publication of articles, videos, books, and the organization of events and courses. Anything is possible, as long as it will help Melly be happier in her work.

If you want to be involved doing real work, join our Google group. Our ideas and calls for help usually start there.


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