I’ll Speak for Free If You Write a Review

For book authors, Amazon reviews are very important. Reviews sell books. The difference between 10 and 100 book reviews can mean the diff...

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The Results of My First OKRs (Running)

A popular topic in the new one-day Management 3.0 workshop is the OKRs system for performance measurement. (See Google’s YouTube video ...

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3 Questions for Peter Morville about Intertwingled

Recently, I read the book Intertwingled, by Peter Morville. I liked it a lot! This was my tweet-size review:

Loved the stories and...

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Write a Tagline – Win a Book!

We recently improved the story that explains what Happy Melly is all about. We’re curious what you think! Read the story, and email...

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Why I Changed the Title of My New Book

#WorkoutThe original title of my new book was Management 3.0 Workout. It was the result of a long and challenging process in which I lear...

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Define Your Target Audience

The big checklist that I used while writing my new book #Workout contained the following items:

Remove use of the words “agile�...

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Hangout Interview

Mads Troels Hansen had a some challenging questions for me in this hangout, such as…

“How do your introduce change in ...

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My New #Workout Book Is Best Selling on Amazon

On Sunday, I uploaded the Kindle Edition of #Workout to Amazon.
On Monday, I notified all my friends on my exclusive mailing list.<...

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