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I Signed a Book Contract

This message was previously sent over my personal newsletter. It would be smart to purchase my #Workout book right NOW. Let me tell you w...

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Join Me on My Private Virtual Street Team in February!

Do you want to join me on my Virtual Street Team in February?

As my Virtual Street Team member you get:

Exclusive access to...

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See You Next Year!

My book tour was crazy, exciting, ambitious, and exhausting.

The start of the tour now seems a long time ago, even though it was j...

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35 Best Quotes from Management 3.0 #Workout

For several months, I posted and tweeted quotes from the new #Workout book. I then measured how often they were retweeted and liked on Tw...

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Book Celebration (and Invitation)!

By now all the different editions of my new book Management 3.0 #Workout are finished and published. The book, easily the most colorful a...

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My Offer to Book Resellers

There are two great aspects to people complaining about the shipping fees of my book:

It shows that readers care. They want the bo...

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“Your Book Is Expensive!” (Yes, and It’s Also Cheap)

I have started the pre-sales of Management 3.0 #Workout – Paper Edition.

The paper book looks amazing! 🙂

Besides t...

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#Workout – Premium Print Edition

The new Management 3.0 #Workout book is already available in PDF, Kindle and ePUB versions. And in just a few weeks, readers will be able...

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What’s Your Management 3.0 Story?

Some readers told me they have used Moving Motivators during job interviews.

Some readers told me they used Delegation Boards on m...

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Why I Changed the Title of My New Book

#WorkoutThe original title of my new book was Management 3.0 Workout. It was the result of a long and challenging process in which I lear...

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Hangout Interview

Mads Troels Hansen had a some challenging questions for me in this hangout, such as…

“How do your introduce change in ...

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My New #Workout Book Is Best Selling on Amazon

On Sunday, I uploaded the Kindle Edition of #Workout to Amazon.
On Monday, I notified all my friends on my exclusive mailing list.<...

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