“Your Book Is Expensive!” (Yes, and It’s Also Cheap)

I have started the pre-sales of Management 3.0 #Workout – Paper Edition.

The paper book looks amazing! 🙂

Besides the regular print version, I offer an exclusive version with autograph, unique number, postcards, kudo cards, and a hand-drawn illustration. There are only 500 of those!

You can find the web shop here: http://management30.bigcartel.com/



Pricing… Cheap and Expensive

A number of people have complained to me that pricing is too high. They are both right and wrong. The paper edition is both is cheap and expensive.

Let me explain:

The book is nearly 500 pages in full color. It is heavy, it is luxurious, and it cost a lot of money to print! Nevertheless, I offer you the book for only EUR 25. Other books of comparable size and quality are easily priced at 35 euros or more. This book is a bargain!

On the other hand…

Shipping a package of > 2kg to European countries costs me EUR 18,50. To other countries outside of Europe, it is EUR 26. On top of that, I pay 2 euros for handling costs. Sorry, I am not Amazon. I cannot negotiate lower fees. If you want it cheaper you can come to my house and get the book yourself. I will offer you a coffee for the trouble! 🙂

So yes, shipping the book is expensive. Sorry! I have compensated by making the book itself cheap (for a luxury book). So please stop moaning-and-bitching about the total price. If you want a cheap solution, you can download the free fully-designed PDF’s and print them yourself. See if I care. If you want the luxury option, dig in your wallet and pay for the shipping. 🙂



The shipping costs (per book) drop significantly when you order multiple items. Feel free to buy a box of 10 and then resell them to your friends or colleagues for the regular fee! In fact, I’d appreciate that.

I have special offers for event organizers. Contact me if you’re interested. Again, bulk shipping makes everything cheap!

I have discount codes for Management 3.0 course participants and workshop attendees.

If you’re interested in locally reselling the book, let me know. The less I have to do, the better. 🙂

If you’re interested in translating the book, again, let us know.

Thanks for your understanding!

And thanks for your order. I appreciate it. Even the moaning-and-bitching. 😉


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