“Your Book Is Expensive!” (Yes, and It’s Also Cheap)

I have started the pre-sales of Management 3.0 #Workout – Paper Edition.

The paper book looks amazing! 🙂

Besides the regular print version, I offer an exclusive version with autograph, unique number, postcards, kudo cards, and a hand-drawn illustration. There are only 500 of those!

You can find the web shop here: http://management30.bigcartel.com/



Pricing… Cheap and Expensive

A number of people have complained to me that pricing is too high. They are both right and wrong. The paper edition is both is cheap and expensive.

Let me explain:

The book is nearly 500 pages in full color. It is heavy, it is luxurious, and it cost a lot of money to print! Nevertheless, I offer you the book for only EUR 25. Other books of comparable size and quality are easily priced at 35 euros or more. This book is a bargain!

On the other hand…

Shipping a package of > 2kg to European countries costs me EUR 18,50. To other countries outside of Europe, it is EUR 26. On top of that, I pay 2 euros for handling costs. Sorry, I am not Amazon. I cannot negotiate lower fees. If you want it cheaper you can come to my house and get the book yourself. I will offer you a coffee for the trouble! 🙂

So yes, shipping the book is expensive. Sorry! I have compensated by making the book itself cheap (for a luxury book). So please stop moaning-and-bitching about the total price. If you want a cheap solution, you can download the free fully-designed PDF’s and print them yourself. See if I care. If you want the luxury option, dig in your wallet and pay for the shipping. 🙂



The shipping costs (per book) drop significantly when you order multiple items. Feel free to buy a box of 10 and then resell them to your friends or colleagues for the regular fee! In fact, I’d appreciate that.

I have special offers for event organizers. Contact me if you’re interested. Again, bulk shipping makes everything cheap!

I have discount codes for Management 3.0 course participants and workshop attendees.

If you’re interested in locally reselling the book, let me know. The less I have to do, the better. 🙂

If you’re interested in translating the book, again, let us know.

Thanks for your understanding!

And thanks for your order. I appreciate it. Even the moaning-and-bitching. 😉


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  • http://www.agilecoach.ca Jason Little

    Well worth it, in my opinion. I admire you for putting such a beautiful product out. So much content nowadays is bland and boring…plus the actual workout exercises are worth so much more. The success of this book will prove that not everyone is looking for “cheap and free”

    • jurgenappelo

      Thanks Jason! 🙂

  • Joss

    Indeed the shipping costs are high, but if you close your eyes and see the book for 45 Euros instead then it’s much easier to press the pay button 🙂 Especially as I’ve already read it for free… Thank you for putting out such a fantastic book.

    • jurgenappelo

      Indeed, I might just switch to “EUR 48 incl. shipping”. 🙂

  • Joss

    I just received my copy in the post today 🙂

    Just two comments on delivery:

    “Shipping a package of > 2kg to European countries costs me EUR 18,50”, “On top of that, I pay 2 euros for handling costs.”
    Postage on my parcel was EUR 13 (Sweden). I’m not sure how the numbers add up, perhaps I’m missing something.

    I would have picked slightly more resilient packaging as the book has taken a little bit of a hit during delivery.

    (I understand you had issues with the company who was meant to do delivery and this is something new for you.)

    • jurgenappelo

      The EUR 18,50 is currently the average across all of Europe. But shipping per country differs, indeed. Right now, we prefer to charge everyone the same within Europe.

      Sorry to hear about the packaging. Hope the book doesn’t fall apart!

      We switched to another shipping partner this week.
      Fingers crossed.

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