Book Launch & Book Winners

The Management 3.0 book launch last Friday was a big success. There were more than 100 people attending the event at the Selexyz Donner book store in Rotterdam. A big thanks to all who were there, and in particular to Femke Cuijpers, Erik Gille, Laurens Bonnema, and Jeroen van Eck, who all helped me organize this event and made it a success.

Book-launch-2 Plenty of pictures were taken, and everyone seemed to appreciate the three little talks about social media, agile management, and the book. In particular the ending, when I actually launched the book into the audience, seemed to be the highlight of the evening. I’m glad this unique copy of the book was caught by Radu Davidesco, who had traveled all the way from Romania to attend the launch. You can see Radu’s (artistic) pictures here.

Book-launch-3 I will also use this space to announce the winners of the small contest I announced three weeks ago. Five signed copies of the Management 3.0 book were won by Samantha Laing (South Africa), John Bauer (USA), Roberto Bera (Italy), Marcin Novotni (Hungary), and Mahadevan L P (India). They all published their own interesting views of Martie the Management Model. (The jury of this contest consisted of Olaf Lewitz and Marcin Floryan. If you don’t agree with this outcome, shoot them, not me!)

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