I Signed a Book Contract

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It would be smart to purchase my #Workout book right NOW.

Let me tell you why:

Several years ago, I was very impressed with the Business Model Generation book, by Alexander Osterwalder. It not only had great content, but great design too. I told myself that my next book should be like that: full-color, photos, illustrations, and a beautiful layout of text and images.

Some time later, I self-published my #Workout book as an exclusive print edition. It was a very expensive gamble. The book has full colors, photos, illustrations, and great layout of text and images. Exactly as I always wanted it. And it has sold well! After one year, only 600 500 of the 5,000 copies print run are still available. And I sold every single book myself. The financial gamble has paid off. Phew!

However, there are problems I can’t solve on my own. People ask me, “Why is your book not in the bookstores?” “Why not in libraries?” “Why not in schools?” “Where are the full-color translations?” and “Why has nobody in my country ever heard of you and your book?” It seems people have high expectations of what I can achieve as a self-publishing author!

Then I received an email.

An editor of publisher John Wiley & Sons approached me and said, “We like what you’re doing! Can we take over the publication of your book and help you reach a larger audience?” And he said, “Oh, by the way, we are the ones who published Business Model Generation worldwide. Alexander Osterwalder also self-published his book, just like you, before we took over from him.”

You can imagine my surprise. And delight.


On Friday, I signed the contract, after several months of discussions and negotiations. Wiley will re-release the #Workout book next year. However, there will be a few important changes:

  • A number of chapters will be removed because the book is too big and heavy.
  • A few new chapters will be added because the world is always changing.
  • The re-release of the book will get a new title. Wiley doesn’t like the current one.
  • The original #Workout book will be removed from the market.

And that’s why I told you to purchase my #Workout book NOW. Did you notice I’ve been named a Top 50 Leadership Innovator on Inc.com last week? The current first edition of #Workout may become a collector’s item. 😉 There are only 5,000 copies in the world, and 600 500 remaining! There will be no more, in its current form.

On February 1, I will remove the #Workout book from the market (eBook, PDFs and paper). It will then take another few months for the new edition to be published by Wiley (probably around June). If you need copies of the book between February and June, make sure to order them before February!

As you can understand, I’m happy about this new opportunity. Next year, I will not just have a beautiful book. I will have a beautiful book that will be available for bookstores, libraries, schools, and maybe even in different languages. And I will call upon your help and support for getting a much bigger audience. There are millions out there who need better management, with fewer managers! 🙂

I’m looking forward to 2016.

Enjoy your holidays!


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