Publish Your Tip or Story in My Book!

My publisher wants to see more concrete experiences in the new book, Managing for Happiness. That is why every chapter in the re-release will end with one page of Tips & Variations. Do you have a special way of using feedback wraps? Have you invented a different kind of happiness door? Did you tweak the introduction of your salary formula? Tell me about it soon.

Here is an overview of all topics. Let me know how you implemented any of these.

probably included in the official re-release:

  • Kudo Box and Kudo Cards
  • Personal Maps
  • Delegation Boards and Delegation Poker
  • Value Stories and Culture Books
  • Exploration Days and Internal Crowdfunding
  • Feedback Wraps and Unlimited Vacations
  • Metrics Ecosystem
  • Merit Money
  • Yay! Questions and Celebration Grids
  • Moving Motivators
  • Happiness Door

probably available for free online:

  • Work Expo
  • Identity Symbols
  • Business Guilds and Corporate Huddles
  • Improvement Dialogues and Copilot Programs
  • Problem Time
  • Work Profiles and Project Credits
  • Salary Formula
  • Champfrogs Checklist
  • Complexity Thinking

I can’t promise to include all the tips and stories I receive. But I will do my best to make a good selection.

Thanks for your continued support and happy holidays!


  • I Signed a Book Contract
  • No Gift or Card for You, Just My Thanks
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