Tell People a Story

Telling people a Story is one of the six SUCCES principles for getting a message across to an audience. This was described by Chip and Dan Heath in their great book Made to Stick. (The other principles are Simplicity, Unexpectedness, Concreteness, Credibility, and Emotions.)

I recently asked readers to give me some last suggestions for my book, which is nearly finished. And I got a number of very good ideas.

But the one I liked best was the suggestion from Jens Schauder:

I'd really like a chapter “a day in the life of an agile manager.” It would be written like a short story: A nice conflict in the team to start the morning. The manager tries to find out what is going on, talks to people, provides ideas… with cross references to the different chapters of the book.

If I have sufficient time left at the end of this month I will try to write an appendix with a story. Because storytelling is the most powerful way of getting your messages across.

And for this suggestion Jens Schauder has earned himself a $189 Amazon gift card.

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